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We have endeavoured to create an atmosphere which combines elegance and sophisticated ambiance with all the flavour, colour and aroma of Bangladesh and Northern India. At Voujon you will experience a pleasurable and rewarding dining experience brought to glowing life and vibrancy by a skilled and gifted culinary team.

Care was taken in the selection of every part of this experience. As the sumptuous oak wood of our interior compliments the rich ingredients, so the delicacy of our herbs and spices compliment the intricacies of our wines.

Feel free to take your time to browse our menus to find something that will truly set alight your sense and tantalise your tastebuds. After all, we have taken the time to place before you a selection of dishes which are a symbiotic fusion of traditional recipies, laced with influences from realms of both east and west.

When you have made your choice it is then up to us to repay your compliments – welcome to Voujon.

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