House Wine

Tempranillo Shiraz£3.95 (175ml Glass)
£4.95 (175ml Glass)
£13.50 (Bottle)

Plot Twenty Two – Spain

A blend of Tempranillo (famous for making
Rioja) and Shiraz grapes. Completely unoaked
to allow the fruit to shine. Soft and moorish.

Tempranillo Shiraz Rosé£3.95 (175ml Glass)
£4.95 (175ml Glass)
£15.50 (Bottle)

Plot Twenty Two – Spain
Dry with delicious strawberry fruit flavours.
An excellent match for the spicier dishes!

Sauvignon Blanc/Airen£3.95 (175ml Glass)
£4.95 (175ml Glass)
£13.50 (Bottle)

Plot Twenty Two – Spain
From central Spain, a blend of Airen and
Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Easy-drinking, crisp
dry white. Elegantly refreshing!

Sparkling & Champagne

Dolci Colline Prosecco£19.50

Cavit – Italy

The perfect fizz to add a touch of sparkle to an otherwise ordinary
day! Delicate, light and refreshing from the North of Italy.

Moët & Chandon Brut £49.95

Moët & Chandon – France

Well balanced and rounded with light citrus notes coupled with
subtle brioche notes leads through to an excellent finish.

Instinct Brut £43.00

Champagne, Clos de Chapelle
Selected from special Premier Cru Vineyards in Champagne, the Instinct Brut is a full flavoured tropical fruited Champagne.

Bollinger Special Cuvée £65.00

Bollinger Estate – France
A glass of Bollinger makes it a special occasion..


Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rosé£16.95

Adria Vini – Italy
A fresh and fruity slightly off-dry rosé with delicate aromas of red
berries. Crisp and lively on the palate with strawberries and red
cherry fruit and a delicate finish.


White Wine

Mirabello Pinot Grigio£16.95 (Bottle)

Adria Vini – Italy
A fresh, dry white with delicate floral and citrus aromas.
Crisp and delicate on the palate.

Sauvignon Blanc £17.50 (Bottle)

Emiliana Vineyards – Chile
A fresh, dry white with delicate floral and citrus aromas.
Crisp and delicate on the palate.

Chardonnay £18.00 (Bottle)

Cape Heights – South Africa
This is not Chardonnay as you know it! Crisp, fresh, light:
completely un-oaked. Crunchy apple and zingy citrus palate.

Chenin Blanc / Viognier £21.00 (Bottle)

Percheron – South Africa
Easy drinking, crisp and fresh and just bursting with South African
sunshine! Light and slightly honeyed, rounded and delicious..

Chardonnay £20.50 (Bottle)

Soldiers Block Vineyards – Australia
An elegant, easy drinking wine. This is a vibrant Chardonnay with
a long finish. Very subtle oak-ageing.

Viognier£21.00 (Bottle)

Moulin Grime – France
The perfect apricot and peach flavour to enhance and accompany
lighter spiced dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc £22.50 (Bottle)

Apello – New Zealand
A classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, made from top quality
grapes at a world class winery in New Zealand.

Chablis £29.50 (Bottle)

Domaine Fournillion – France
Typical of what decent Chablis should taste like – not a trace of
oak. An excellent choice for Old World Chardonnay lovers.

Sancerre Blanc £31.95 (Bottle)

Pre Seleme – France
la Clochette means ‘little bell’. Dry, crisp and elegant with fresh
gooseberry fruit dominating the senses. Un-oaked, the palate is
rich in fruit flavours and finishes with the right balance of texture
and refreshing acidity.

Gavi £45.50 (Bottle)

Castello di Tassarolo – Italy
A wine without the extra sulphur being added. It has rounded and pure fresh fruit flavours with an intense aroma of white flowers, cruched orchard fruits and waxy nuttiness. Just perfect for curry!

Red Wine

Nero D’Avola £16.95 (Bottle)

Sicily – Palazzi
Big, rich and ripe; Raspberry, blackberry and cherry packed. Nero d’Avola is tipped as the next big thing, see what all the fuss is about!

Garnacha £17.95 (Bottle)

Monte Oton – Spain
A powerful and juicy young wine that shows why Spain does
some of the best value wines today. Uncomplicated pleasure.

Tempranillo £19.00 (Bottle)

Vega del Rayo – Rioja, Spain
A modern, vibrant, unoaked Tempranillo. Ooozing with red fruits,
fresh cherries and plums with hints of spicy complexity. Soft and
easy to drink with approachable ripe fruit yet well-structured.

Merlot £20.50 (Bottle)

Emiliana Vineyards – Chile
Soft rounded and light flavoursome, cherry fruit with a clean
smooth finish. Biodynamic and organic certified.

Shiraz/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon £21.50 (Bottle)

Outrider – Australia
Seriously smooth and full-bodied with a hint of spice combining
richness and warmth from South East Australia.

Malbec £34.95(Bottle)

Pulenta Estate – Argentina
A big wine with great character and full-bodied, long finish and
complexity. Produced by Italian immigrants this Malbec is truly

Tradition Supérior £26.00(Bottle)

Château Penin – France
Full-bodied, round and fleshy, harmonious, typical of it’s gravelly
terroir which makes it different from the other Bordeaux
Supérior wines.

Pinot Noir £32.50 (Bottle)

Apello vineyards – New Zealand
Deep and rich in colour with delicate scented fruits and soft
tannins. New Zealand Pinot Noir is fast becoming as much of a
modern classic as the sublime Sauvignon Blancs.

Cairanne Côtes du Rhône £34.95 (Bottle)

Boutinot – France

This is Côtes du Rhône but not as you know it. From one of the
higher quality named villages of the region comes this dark, rich
and sumptuous wine, sleek and classy.

Les Gravieres £38.00 (Bottle)

Château Gravieres – France

A much lauded château producing classic yet easy to love wines
from the Graves region of Bordeaux. This shows a rich texture,
sublime balance and structured, leafy cassis fruit.

Scottish Beers

Williams Brothers Range£4.95

As Server for Selection.




Caledonian 80£3.95

Cobra (660 ml)£4.95

Cobra (330 ml)£2.95

Budweiser £2.95

Becks £2.95

Tennants £4.25

Cider £2.95














Malt Whisky£3.95




Tia Maria£2.95



Creme De Menthe£2.95